Joys of knitting


  • The creation of a beautiful piece out of a few woolen threads is a joy in itself!
  • It puts your mind in a peaceful state, temporarily away from the routine chores of life.
  • The very thought of draping it around a loved one brings in so much happiness.
  • But yes, it does require lot of patience

I had learnt this art when I was in school. Though I didn’t get much time to polish my skills, I did remain fond of it. Now, that I am at home and have lots of time at my disposal, I have turned to it again. This time, I can experiment more, and definitely have more patience to practice it. I started it by buying yarns of wool in “delicious” colors, and the needles to go with them. It was a great experience buying them as it made me feel like a skilled housewife !! Of course, the actual process of knitting is much more difficult than the idea itself, but I did manage to accomplish it and made a few items. And yes, the sense of achievement was quite similar to what I felt when I had written my first fully functional “C” program in college!

9 thoughts on “Joys of knitting

  1. R.S says:

    I completely agree with you, knitting is indeed a pleasure specially when you can wrap someone special with the warmth of your love. BTW where are those lilies from, they are simply beautiful, made the picture so much more brighter and lively!!!

  2. Sunaina says:

    I love knitting and completely agree with you about the immense joy of it!! Although I haven’t been truly creative with the art, I have found it very relaxing and addictive too!! The flowers in the picture are worth mentioning, they are lovely, vibrant and colorful….makes the whole joy of knitting more joyous! πŸ™‚
    (i love pastel colors to knit with, they somehow motivate me more and take me to the end of the project!!) πŸ™‚

  3. R.S:
    I had not realized how it feels to be working so tirelessly with the sole aim of having your love wrapped around someone, until I myself tried knitting for the loved ones. And the whole credit goes to my mother. She initiated me into this!

    The lilies are from a local shop here in Bangalore, and yes, they do a lot to brighten up my house!

    You know what, even I don’t have much of creative component in my blood!! I do keep experimenting though! And you are right about the pastel colors, they have a very calm effect on you..

    As for the lilies, its really amazing how just a few flowers can make the whole room look beautiful! I do not have a heavily decked home, but I try to brighten it up with these flowers.

  4. Knitwear is one of the most loving gifts one can give. With each thread proclaiming the labours of love. I adore that green you are knitting. What is it called? Grass green? Are you knitting a combination of the two greens? Can we order for one? πŸ™‚

  5. This one is olive green (given the limited knowledge I have in colors, you would have to crosscheck!). And yes, I am combining it with the Mehandi green to make a baby blanket.
    And yes, you can definitely order for one.. but remember its only baby blanket that I specialize in!

  6. Sunaina says:


    You don’t need a heavily decked home as long as you have the love of your loved ones to fill it up…right?? And you seem to have plenty of it πŸ™‚


  7. R.S says:

    Would you mind if I ask how much you paid for the lilies? My sister has liked them and I have to buy for her now! I don’t even know any florist nearby and I don’t live in bangalore but I hope the prices won’t vary that much!


  8. Please accept my order for one baby blanket in that green combo. The baby is 6ft tall so kindly keep the blanket size at 7’x3′.
    Thanks, I am sure the baby will love it.
    Also, let me know how much and how to pay.

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